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Insanity Vs Rushfit - A Comparison Side By Side And Comprehensive Review Of Two Of The Most Popular Fitness Bootcamps

It's hard not to see an infomercial for the Insanity and Rushfit programs if you turn on the TV these days. They are quite possibly two of the most popular home fitness DVDs available these days, and no wonder. They both provide you with an intense workout that you can do from the comfort of your own home, but which one is right for you?

It doesn't matter a jot what you hope to get out of either system, whether it be losing weight, building muscle or toning your abs, both Insanity and Rushfit can provide a foundation to deliver what you're after. Let's look into each of them in turn, and then we'll do an overall comparison.


George St-Pierre created the Rushfit program alongside his own personal trainer, Erik Owings. George is known as GSP, and pound for pound, is one of the greatest athletes in the MMA world. GSP trains hard even when he doesn't have a martial arts fight on the horizon. That's why he has been welterweight champion so many years in a row.

Rushfit consists of six DVDs for the home, and is a course that lasts 8 weeks. There are 3 levels, beginner, intermediate and advanced. In fact, it's probably best that you choose beginner level when you first use Rushfit, as it is such an intense course, even for people in good shape. Check out these GSP Rushfit review for some great reviews.

Shaun T's Insanity Workout

Shaun T, a professional dancer, is the mastermind behind Insanity. Shaun came up with a new technique known as max interval training. What this all boils down to is that you will work out at high intensity for longer, and have shorter rest periods. Max interval training is essentially regular interval training but 'reversed'.

The Insanity workout comes in the form of a 10-DVD set, and lasts 2 months or more. What's great about Shaun is his ability to push you to your limit, finding that last ounce of strength and motivation. Go see this Insanity workout review for a closer look.

What's The Best Choice?

Whether your aim is to build muscle, lose weight or something in between, Insanity and Rushfit alike can help you get there. Not to mention that each one will arrive at your door with a nutrition plan, fitness guide and handy calendar to track your progress. If you want to learn more, go to see my workout reviews.

They are both focused on high intensity workouts, and the bottom line is, they both deliver results.