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Bath Chairs For Safety In Your Walkin Bathtub

Being able to take a bath is absolutely one of life's great blessings. And when you get to be a senior and occasionally you need a little extra assistance, you should really still be able to take a bath when you would like. There is no good reason you cannot benefit from this particular small pleasurable luxury even if you are a tiny bit on the senior side. Bath chairs are one of the finest innovations around to aid with that.

A lot of people now are having those walkin bathtubs installed in their homes. These are the kind of tubs that have the doors on the side so that it is really easy to step into the tub. You don't have to step way up high like a regular tub.

But to use these kinds of walk in tubs, you need to have some sort of seat to sit on when you are bathing so you don't have to sit on the floor of the bathtub. This is what a bath chair is for. Some models of these walkin tubs come with seats built right in, but many kinds don't have this feature. It wouldn't make a lot of sense to get a walk in tub installed in your home and then have to bend all the way down to the floor of the tub so you can take a bath. That would not be of much help to avoid the pain of bending your knees.

When you go to various websites to see what they have in the way of bath seats, you can tell right away there are many options for these. There are some that look like stools because they don't have backs on them. These are simple in style and lightweight.

Some versions of bath chairs have back support for you to lean against so that you can have a more pleasant bathing experience. And several of the really nicer ones have padded seats.. The pads have good-quality, thick vinyl covering for easy washing and for protection against water so the cushion doesn't get water logged. They even have a few which look for all the world like toilet seats, but these let you wash your private areas comfortably.

If you happen to have some issue with impaired mobility, a bath chair with rollers on the legs to use in your walk in bath tub could be of great help to you. You can scoot around in the bathtub before it's filled with water and then again after your bath to help you move closer to the bathtub door.

Bath chairs can help you if you have back pain or knee pain from arthritis or just plain stiffness. Some of the models even come with armrests to give you an extra measure of safety in your tub. Relaxing in the perfect warm bath in comfort and safety, nothing could be better than that.