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All About Metabolism & Fitness

Metabolism is an important aspect that is related to your fitness and hence your health and well being. Ones metabolic rate depends on body weight and his/her daily activities. Depending on daily routine energy required to perform the tasks vary from person to person. If necessary, it is always possible to use theraworx relief or special nutritional supplements, such as theraworx relief reviews!

As a Los Alamitos Personal Trainer I teach that a measurement of the daily energy requirement for proper functioning is very necessary to draft an optimal nutrition plan. This parameter is termed Total Daily Energy Expenditure shortly TDEE. TDEE based diet plan ensures that you have sufficient energy for your system and you do not get tired because of lack of energy.

Another important parameter is lean body mass and body fat ratio. Appropriate formula should be used for the calculation of this parameter. The ratio of RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) to Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) helps to optimize your exercise routine and workouts. Working with clients as a Signal Hill fitness trainer, clients are oftern surprised to learn that a professional fitness consultant can help you estimate this important parameter. TDEE based nutrition plan together with RMR/BMR derived workouts would give you improved results than blind dieting and not so optimized workouts.

Imagine you do nothing for a whole day. For the whole 24 hours you are not performing any activity, you are simply resting. But even when resting, you are doing something like breathing. Your heart beats steadily. For proper functioning of your physiological system how many calories you need? This requirement is specified by RMR and BMR measurements.

When resting just to ensure normal body temperature by maintaining healthy metabolism how many calories you need - this minimum amount is BMR. RMR indicates the minimum amount of calorie you need for the proper physiological functioning like breathing, digestion, blood circulation etc. For accurate measurement of RMR and BMR professional advice is essential. Experts know things really better than us. Isn't it?

Metabolism is an important determinant of body weight. Generally as we age metabolism gets reduced. So we have to find ways to increase that. Just a reduction in calorie intake would not suffice to increase BMR/RMR. As part of my Fitness Boot Camp in Huntington Beach I teach that by being physically active and doing exercises you can increase metabolism. Also if there is an increase in lean muscle mass metabolism increases.

If you burn more calories than you eat you can lose weight. But if it is the other way around that if you take more calories than you actually burn through your activities you would undoubtedly gain weight. Decide on the calories you consume based on how much of them would be expended actually.

  • For a healthy body of great fitness follow the procedure given below.
  • Measure your TDEE by an expert. Based on the professional advice get a proper diet plan drafted. Adhere to your nutrition plan.
  • Do not fast. Because starvation may produce short-term weight loss. But for long term effects TDEE based diet plan shows the healthy way.
  • Get BMR/RMR measured. For this find a reasonable average of several measurements. After consulting a fitness professional, formulate a strength and conditioning program appropriate for you.

Losing weight is not impossible after all. Professional approach to this issue is really effective and fruitful.